DNC on Trump’s Meeting with President of Mexico

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement as Donald Trump meets with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the White House:

“Five years ago last month, Donald Trump launched his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and drug dealers. As president, he’s continued to target and tear apart immigrant communities at every turn–from separating families at the border to trying to end protections for Dreamers and ending protections for TPS recipients. He has wasted taxpayer dollars and stolen from the military to pay for his ineffective border wall, which he outrageously suggested would help mitigate coronavirus. Now, Trump is meeting with the Mexican president at the White House, where he will ignore all these issues and disingenuously try to take credit for a trade deal that Democrats played a critical role in securing and strengthening. ¡Que descaro! Latino communities, immigrants, and the American people deserve a president with the empathy and experience to lead us forward, not a demagogue who cheers on bigotry from the White House. They deserve better than Donald Trump’s failed leadership. They deserve Joe Biden.”