DNC on Trump’s Plan to Gut Net Neutrality

DNC CTO Raffi Krikorian released the following statement in response to reports that Donald Trump’s FCC will reverse net neutrality rules:

“A free and open internet is critical to our democracy. The exchange of ideas should not be regulated by the people who already profit off your internet and phone bill. That’s why President Obama enacted historic net neutrality rules to make sure new businesses have the same chance to succeed as wealthy and well-established corporations. By undoing these rules, Donald Trump’s FCC is threatening online equality in a way that could hurt our economy and hamper our nation’s potential for innovation. If these internet service providers are allowed to play favorites, Americans could find themselves paying more to use the internet, unable to access websites and applications, or having their freedom of expression diminished.

“These net neutrality rules help ensure that all businesses and Americans, especially marginalized or underrepresented communities, can make their voices heard. But while Republicans punish the American people so they can fill the pockets of big telecom corporations, Democrats believe the internet must remain a level playing field. And we will keep fighting to make sure everyone can benefit from the power and potential of our nation’s technology.”