DNC on Trump’s Proclamation of National Hispanic Heritage Month

Following President Trump’s proclamation of September 15 through October 15, 2017 as National Hispanic Heritage Month, DNC spokesperson Francisco Pelayo released the following statement: 
“That Trump would pretend to care about Hispanic Americans a week after rescinding DACA is more than hypocritical – it’s downright insulting. Hispanic Heritage Month is indeed a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of Hispanic Americans and their many contributions to our nation. If only Trump’s proclamation contained guiding principles instead of empty words, it could be taken seriously.
“But we won’t be fooled by Trump’s lip service. Just last week, his administration shattered the dreams of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants — many of whom are Hispanic — who want nothing more than the opportunity to contribute to the only country they have ever called home. They deserve better than a false promise from a two-faced president.”