DNC on Trump’s Refusal to Defend Our Democracy

In response to Trump’s baseless tweets on Russia today and throughout the weekend, DNC deputy communications director Adrienne Watson released the following statement:


“In the four days since we learned chilling details about the full scale of Russia’s attack on our democracy, Donald Trump has issued a stream of unhinged and dishonest tweets attacking everyone and everything from Oprah to Pennsylvania’s redistricting map. What he hasn’t done is condemn the Kremlin’s attack on our democracy or vow to defend our elections against future attacks.


“While Trump laughably and falsely attacks his predecessor for being weak in the face of Russian aggression, he has managed to make clear once again why he was the Kremlin’s candidate in 2016. This is a president who has taken Putin’s side over his own intelligence agencies, consistently puts his own interests ahead of U.S. national security and is all but inviting Russia to attack us again by refusing to implement sanctions designed to deter future assaults on our elections. It’s hard to imagine that Russia could have gotten a better return on its substantial investment in Donald Trump’s candidacy.”