DNC on Trump’s Remarks Tonight

In response to Trump’s remarks tonight, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“The president just poured more gasoline on the fire. His speech tonight was not intended to heal the nation; it was a show of cowardice by a president who has learned nothing from the unrest gripping our country. Instead of advocating reforms against police brutality, he essentially authorized a police state. He declared himself an ally of peaceful protesters as federal law enforcement officers fired tear gas on them to clear the way for his photo-op. Trump showed us that he is not only incapable of leading this nation, but he has no interest in trying. Our nation will make progress not by silencing protestors, but by listening to the voices of communities of color who have too often been ignored. We will make progress not through scare tactics, but through solidarity in the fight for racial justice and equality. We will make progress not through apathy, but through action and activism. America is hurting. Our African American brothers and sisters are hurting. Civil rights in the unfinished business of America, and it is our collective responsibility to carry on that work each and every day. The American people deserve a president who shares that mission.”