DNC on Trump’s Unconstitutional Attack on Immigrants

In response to Trump’s threat to end birthright citizenship, DNC Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Media Director John Santos released the following statement:


“Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship is clearly unconstitutional and is his most recent attempt to incite fear and division ahead of the midterm election.


“Citizenship by birth has been the law of the land since 1898, when California-born, Chinese-American Wong Kim Ark successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to recognize his citizenship. Denying children their birthright citizenship would have a devastating impact on the AAPI community by making it harder for immigrant families to integrate and pursue the American Dream.


“This proposal is just one of many anti-immigrant ideas that have been introduced by Trump in order to distract voters from his administration’s failed policies. AAPI voters must stand against the bigotry of Trump’s policies and elect Democrats, who will seek to unite and not divide our country.”