DNC on Trump’s Visit to Florida to Tout his Tax Scam

Today Donald Trump is in Miami selling his Republican Tax Scam to small businesses. In response, DNC Southern Press Secretary Francisco Pelayo released the following statement:


“Donald Trump is descending on Miami to peddle his Tax Scam that benefits the Sunshine State’s millionaires and corporations at the expense of hardworking Americans and middle-class families. Make no mistake, under the Republican tax plan, the richest 1% of Florida taxpayers will receive 40% of the tax cuts next year, while middle-income Floridians will see their taxes increase by $330 in the next decade. Not only that, but more than 1.5 million Floridians are now limited in their ability to use the state and local tax deduction, and the majority of Latino small business will not receive any benefit from his Tax Scam.


“Floridians have heard these same lies from Trump time and again, and it is becoming even more apparent that Trump’s tax scam is a bad deal for them and does not create economic opportunities for all Americans. Florida Democrats are running for seats up and down the ballot because Democrats are fighting for tax fairness, helping create good-paying jobs and fostering growth for Florida’s economy, while Trump and Republicans like Rick Scott are giving massive windfalls to Wall Street, big corporations, and the wealthiest Americans.”