DNC on Trump’s Visit to New Hampshire

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on Trump’s visit to New Hampshire today:


“Granite Staters have had enough of Donald Trump’s broken promises on the opioid crisis plaguing the nation and affecting New Hampshire more dramatically than almost any other state in the union. In the face of this deadly crisis that claimed more than one life per day in New Hampshire in 2016, Trump has offered nothing but empty talking points and insults, calling the state a ‘drug-infested den,’ ‘heroin country,’ and even claiming that the lethal epidemic helped him politically. Meanwhile, Governor Sununu has stood in lockstep with Trump on policy after policy, refusing to stand up for New Hampshire and putting the Trump agenda over the interests of Granite Staters at every turn. New Hampshire deserves a governor who will fight for the state, not a political puppet who’s failed to take on a deadly opioid epidemic and who bends to every dangerous Trump initiative coming out of Washington.”