DNC on U.S. Entering Economic Recession

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the United States officially entered an economic recession in February:

“Donald Trump’s economic record keeps getting worse. After inheriting a strong economy from President Obama, Trump has sent us off the rails. Trump’s top-down economic agenda was already slowing our economy, making it more vulnerable to the impacts of the COVID crisis. Then his failure of leadership plunged us into a recession, marking the end of the longest era of economic growth on record. Despite Trump celebrating the country’s 13.3% unemployment rate last week, 21 million Americans are unemployed, and one-fifth of the American workforce has lost work or given up on trying to find a job. Over 110,000 Americans have died; many small businesses have shuttered for good; and our nation is gripped by civil unrest that Trump has only exacerbated through violence and vitriol. Make no mistake: This will be Donald Trump’s legacy. And voters will not forget his failures on Election Day.”