DNC on U.S. Passing 4 Million COVID-19 Cases

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the United States reached 4 million COVID-19 cases, more than any other country in the world:

“At 1 million cases, Trump said it would simply ‘go away.’ At 2 million cases, Trump was busy on Twitter celebrating violence against peaceful protestors. At 3 million cases, Trump threatened to cut federal funding for schools that refused to reopen during the pandemic. Now we’re at 4 million, and Trump is bragging about passing a cognitive test where he correctly identified the shape of an elephant. Meanwhile, he has failed every single test of presidential leadership. He has no plan to tackle this pandemic, no empathy for the people suffering from it, and no desire to show anything but ego, arrogance, and incompetence. Americans have had enough. They deserve a president who actually cares about their well-being, a president with the courage and experience to lead us out of this crisis and into a better future. They deserve Joe Biden. As we head toward November 3, the American people won’t forget about Donald Trump’s betrayals. They have five words of their own they’ll remember: Register. Organize. Vote. Trump. Out.”