DNC on Virginia Military Veterans Elected to Office

In celebration of several military veterans, including Governor-elect Ralph Northam, winning elections in Virginia on Tuesday, former U.S. Marine and DNC Deputy Press Secretary Brian Gabriel released the following statement:

“In addition to the historic Democratic victories on Tuesday, the DNC celebrates the several veterans who continued their service to country and were elected to public office in Virginia. We're encouraged to see Governor-elect Ralph Northam, Delegate-elect Lee Carter, and Delegate-elect David Reid continue to use the invaluable leadership experience gained during their military careers for the greater good. As former servicemembers themselves, these newly-elected leaders will no doubt have their fellow brothers- and sisters-in-arms in mind when crafting policy and making decisions that affect the Virginia veterans community.

“These men and women know that values like honor, courage, and commitment are not just words, but an ethos to be lived out every day. They know the necessity of putting duty ahead of ego and accomplishing the mission regardless of self-sacrifice.  And they know what it means to put everything on the line for both the person right next to you and the American people.

“Virginians should know that their commonwealth has a bright future with these leaders at the helm.”