DNC on Wisconsin Primary Elections

DNC Chairman Tom Perez released the following statement on today’s primary election in Wisconsin:

“Congratulations to all of the Democratic nominees and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on a successful primary election. Wisconsin families deserve leaders who will fight for inclusion and opportunity for everyone, and today’s turnout is further proof that voters are rejecting Scott Walker’s misplaced priorities.


“While Walker has been in lock-step with Donald Trump, pushing an agenda to strip people’s access to health care and help wealthy corporations at the expense of the middle class, Wisconsin voters know that Democrats have their backs. This fantastic slate of Democratic nominees will fight for the issues that matter most to their communities, like affordable health care, access to good public schools, good-paying jobs, and a secure retirement.


“The DNC is proud to have invested $265,000 in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to ensure nominees have the tools and resources they need to hit the ground running and win in November. Our early investments have already helped make a difference towards the DPW’s work to organize and engage voters, including flipping two state Senate seats that Trump won by double digits, and helping send Rebecca Dallet to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The choices are clear, and we look forward to working with the DPW to continue organizing in every ZIP code and electing Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018 and beyond.”