DNC on Women’s Equality Day

Today, on Women’s Equality Day, DNC Chair Tom Perez and DNC Women’s Caucus Chair Lottie Shackelford released the following statement:

“100 years ago today, the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted, opening the ballot box to millions of women across the nation. For decades, women had marched, picketed, and gone to jail to demand a voice in our democracy. Their victory changed the course of history, but it was far from the end of the movement for women’s equality. While we celebrate our progress, we also recognize that Black women and other women of color continued to be excluded from our democracy long after the 19th amendment’s adoption. And a century later, women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and trans women of color in particular, still face discrimination in virtually every aspect of our society. That’s why the Democratic Party remains deep in the trenches fighting for women’s rights –  from equal pay to reproductive rights to representation at every level of government and in every sector of our economy. On Women’s Equality Day, we should not only celebrate the generations of women who have moved our nation forward, we should recommit to carrying on their legacy and expanding the promise of equality for all. Women – especially women of color – are the backbone of our party and our nation’s economy, and we must never stop fighting for their full and equal rights under the law. President Trump and his GOP allies have made it their mission to attack women’s health and economic security. But when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected in November, women will once again have champions in the White House.”