DNC on Women’s History Month

DNC CEO Seema Nanda and DNC Women’s Caucus Chair Lottie Shackleford released the following statement:

“In the three Novembers since Trump’s election, Democrats have scored major victories up and down the ballot and across the country. And women have been at the center of our success – whether it was the power of Black women in Alabama as they lifted Doug Jones to victory, or the remarkable women in Virginia who helped us flip the state Senate and House of Delegates and secure a Democratic trifecta.

“On both sides of the ballot – as voters and as candidates – women have brought our party roaring back. What’s more, this success has been intersectional. Women of all backgrounds have broken records and brought barriers crashing down. We’ve seen historic victories by Native women and Muslim women, Black, Latinx, and AAPI women, Jewish women and women with disabilites. We’ve watched LGBTQ candidates make history – from Danica Roem in Virginia, to Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, to Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. And even in elections where a woman wasn’t on the ballot, Democrats elected candidates committed to addressing issues that matter to women in every ZIP code.

“But those victories were just the beginning. We elect leaders so they can govern. And that’s exactly what the women we elected have done. They got to work right away for the American people. Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in the House, Democrats have passed more than 400 bills to help the American people, including nearly 300 bipartisan bills. At every level of government, women are leading the fight to end gun violence and combat climate change, to protect people’s health care, pay workers a fair wage, and give our children the education they deserve.

“So the facts speak for themselves: Women brought us back, and women will move us forward. As we celebrate Women’s History Month and the countless heroes who have paved the way for gender equality, it’s up to us to keep the fight going. Trump’s attacks on women’s rights are never-ending. Just yesterday, the Supreme Court announced it would take up his case challenging the Affordable Care Act, which has offered no co-pay birth control to more than 55 million women. Since day one, Trump and his cronies have been hell-bent on taking our rights away. We know that no matter who our eventual nominee is, women will be the key to turning ballots blue on November 3rd. Make no mistake: The Trump administration began with millions of women marching against him. And it will end the same way.”