DNC on World Refugee Day

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement in commemoration of World Refugee Day:

“Today we celebrate the strength and courage of those who are forced to flee their home country in search of a place free from persecution, violence, or war. They are not nameless individuals, but people of incredible resilience who are searching for a nation that will recognize their humanity and inherent dignity. It is woven into the fabric of the United States to meet these courageous individuals with compassion, and to ensure their futures hold the promise of freedom and opportunity.

“President Biden and Democrats have already shown their commitment to restoring order and humanity to our broken immigration system. In his first few months in office, President Biden raised the annual refugee admissions cap to 62,500, reversing the historically low number set by the Trump administration, and the president continues to advocate for increasing the annual cap to 125,000. The Department of Justice also recently rolled back a Trump-era restriction that blocked victims of domestic abuse and gang violence from gaining asylum. Together, these actions demonstrate how President Biden is working with Democrats to restore America’s status as a beacon for those searching for hope.

“The last year has shined a light on the things we all hold dear: doctors to care for us when we’re sick, schools to send our children, and the safety to gather together. Today marks an opportunity to build understanding and deepen empathy for the circumstances of refugees, and we honor their strength and resilience as they seek to rebuild their lives and pursue a better future for themselves and their families.”