DNC Raises $36.6 Million in September

WASHINGTON – The Democratic National Committee today announced that it raised $36.6 million in September and ended the period with $12.2 million cash-on-hand. Over the past several months, the DNC has made critical investments where they matter most – in the states. The DNC transferred a total of $5 million to both the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to fund critical GOTV, voter mobilization, and voter protection efforts. DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile issued the following statement.

“We opened our Victory Leaders Council (VLC) programs in key states like Arizona, Georgia, and Utah that fired up grassroots activists and launched our Forward Together Bus Tour to crisscross the country and drive our closing argument to voters in the final days of the election. Lastly, the committee also launched a national advertising blitz featuring President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama that are airing on nationally syndicated radio stations targeted at key minority communities to reach voters where they are, lay out the stakes in this election, and encourage them to register to vote.

“The DNC has been working tirelessly to get our message out to voters and earn their support. This month’s fundraising total is more proof that our message is resonating and our hard work is paying off. We received support from both sustaining and first-time grassroots contributors all across the country who are excited about electing Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Winning on November 8th is critical to protecting the progress of the last eight years and building on that progress in the years ahead. We have expanded the map, and Democratic majorities in the Senate and the House are within reach thanks to the tireless efforts of our state parties, but we need to keep fighting till the last precinct closes on Election Day. That’s why each dollar raised will be used to elect Democrats, not just to the White House, but up and down the ticket in all 50 states.

“Millions of donors are supporting our candidates and our party because they believe we are stronger together, and that together, we can build a brighter future for all Americans,” added Brazile. “While there’s still much more work ahead that will require even greater grassroots support, I am extremely proud of our staff and volunteers for all the work they’ve done, and all the time and effort they’re putting in to carry our candidates to victory in November.”