DNC Releases New Ad Featuring President Obama: “The 2020 Election Is Already Here.”

Today the Democratic National Committee is releasing a new ad featuring former President Barack Obama, “The 2020 Election Is Already Here.

The spot highlights the stakes of this election, the importance of Americans voting now to make their voices heard and how they can find all the information they need to make their plan to vote at IWillVote.com.

“Millions of Americans are already voting, make sure you stand up and join them,” President Obama says in the ad. “There will always be reasons to think your vote doesn’t matter — that’s not new. What is new is a growing movement for justice, equality and progress on so many issues. This really is a tipping point, and that momentum only continues if we win this election. But it’s gonna be close. It could come down to a handful of voters just like you. So I’m asking you to bring this thing home. Leave no doubt. Vote early.”

The ad will reach voters in AZ, FL, GA, IA, MI, MN, NE-02, NV, NC, PA, VA, and WI through digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Hulu, and YouTube.

Earlier this week, the DNC released state specific voter education videos featuring President Obama, who encourages Americans to visit IWillVote.com to learn about their different options to cast their ballot and make their plan to vote.

“The 2020 Election Is Already Here.”