DNC RELEASES NEW SPANISH LANGUAGE TV AD IN AZ: ‘This Is Not a Test’ (‘Esto no es una prueba’)

The DNC War Room released a new Spanish language television ad in Arizona today, “This is Not a Test” (“Esto no es una prueba”), to call out Donald Trump for gambling with children’s health and safety. Trump is trying to force schools to fully reopen before they’re able to do so safely, despite coronavirus cases surging across the country, because he thinks it will help with his reelection.

The ad will run in the Phoenix media market starting today targeted to reach Latino parents with school age children and teachers as part of a six figure buy.


Experts, scientists, teachers, and parents know that Trump can’t be trusted to decide when schools should reopen. It’s Trump’s fault that the outbreak got this bad in the first place. Trump should focus on getting the virus under control, and stop trying to force schools to reopen before they’re able to do so safely.

“Donald Trump has put Arizona families in an impossible position. Parents shouldn’t have to stay up at night worried that the president of the United States is compromising their kids’ safety. Children shouldn’t be exposed to a deadly virus, or risk passing the virus to their parents, grandparents, and loved ones. Trump will do anything to help his reelection chances. He can’t be trusted to make this life-or-death decision for our children. It’s time for a leader who will protect Arizona’s kids, and give families and teachers the support they deserve. It’s time for Joe Biden,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez.