DNC Releases New T-Shirt in Collaboration with Native Artist

Today, the Democratic National Committee released a new T-shirt in collaboration with Native artist A’máy Tádits (Hail), Kenrick Escalanti (Quechan / Chicano) in celebration of National Native American Heritage Month. The T-shirt, which promotes IWillVote.com, will be sold online at the DNC store

“Democrats are committed to improving the lives of Tribal communities by building stronger infrastructure, fighting for equal pay, and addressing the climate crisis,” said Theresa Sheldon, DNC Native American Political Director. “This T-shirt, and its language, is intended to remind us all of the responsibility we have to treasure and respect the land we live on, the duty we have to ensure that we build a better future for those who come after us, and the importance of exercising our right to vote. Thank you to A’máy Tádits, Kenrick, Jarette Werk and all those who partnered with us on this beautiful design.”

Throughout Native Heritage Month, the DNC is focused on engaging and building relationships with Tribal communities across the nation. The DNC held a listening session with Tribal Leaders and Native organizers in Arizona, including Governor Stephen Lewis of Gila River Indian Community, President Jonathan Nez of Navajo Nation, and others. In partnership with the DNC’s Best Practices Institute, the DNC will begin training Native community leaders in Arizona to prepare for the 2022 midterm elections. 

See below for the image on the t-shirt as well as background on A’máy Tádits (Hail), Kenrick Escalanti (Quechan / Chicano) who created the design. 

A’máy Tádits (Hail), Kenrick Escalanti (Quechan / Chicano)

  • A’may Ta’dits translates to Hail in the Quechan language and is the name of Native American contemporary artist Kenrick Escalanti (Quechan). Kenrick, a citizen of the Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe, located in the Desert Southwest Triangle of Arizona, California, and the Mexico border. Kenrick is a proud Tribal singer, artist, educator and has been a professional graphic designer for 20 years. Kenrick currently is the creative director for one of the oldest, largest and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organizations serving the broad interests of Tribal governments and communities. When Kenrick isn’t doing his part in providing that “good trouble,” he is a happy father and husband who enjoys photography and digital content creation such as his co-created all Indigenous podcast The Wrong NDN Podcast and Tacos Locos Forever Podcast.