Today, the DNC War Room released a new television and digital ad entitled “Played,” which highlights the devastating impact of Trump’s reckless trade policies on American workers and farmers. The ad will be targeted to critical swing voters in the states hit hardest by Trump’s failed trade war, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“Trump said he’d get tough on China, but he didn’t. Trump clamored for a trade war with China and said that it would be easy to win, but he lost. Trump’s go-it-alone tariffs inflicted pain on American workers, not China. Instead of forcing China to the table to negotiate a trade deal that protected us, China smelled Trump’s desperation and played him like a cheap guitar,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “America can’t afford four more years of Trump losing to China.”

“Donald Trump is the worst thing that’s ever happened to agriculture in America. China has quit buying our soybeans, and I’m scared we aren’t going to ever get that market back. Our prices were on a precipitous fall the last three years and then once the coronavirus hit, it put salt in the wound,” said Wisconsin farmer Craig Myhre. “Farmers are hurting terribly under President Trump.”