DNC, Rep. Sylvia Garcia Blast Republicans in Houston Ahead of NRA Convention

This morning, the Democratic National Committee held a press conference in Houston, Texas with Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia and DNC Deputy Communications Director Ofirah Yheskel as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Kristi Noem, and Governor Greg Abbott prepare to address the NRA convention just days after 21 people, including 19 children, were gunned down at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. 

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia: “Democrats have taken action to keep our children safe, but Republicans refuse to act on common sense bills that would save countless lives. And while they are refusing to take action, Republicans have lined their pockets with money from the gun lobby. Down the street today, Republicans like Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and Donald Trump are set to gather with the NRA lobbyists who are intent on blocking the gun safety measures that the majority of Americans support. The majority of Americans want background checks and rules that will protect them and their communities. I ask my Republican colleagues gathered in Houston today, what will it take for you to start putting the lives of our children ahead of the NRA’s money?” 

DNC Deputy Communications Director Ofirah Yheskel: “Texas Republicans — Republicans nationwide — offered their thoughts and prayers two days ago. Today, they will make their annual pilgrimage to the NRA convention — right here in Houston — to bend the knee to the gun lobby. Donald Trump, Kristi Noem, Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott are all still scheduled to speak. In the same state where 19 children and 2 teachers were just killed in a mass shooting — on Tuesday. They are telling us who they are. They are broadcasting in neon lights that the gun lobby means more to them than protecting children. That an A+ rating from the NRA is more important than the lives of elementary schoolers and teachers. That political calculus trumps public service. It’s time for us to take note.”