DNC Responds to Draft Dodger Calling Veteran Ralph Northam Weak on Veterans

This morning, five-time Vietnam War deferment recipient Donald Trump took to Twitter to call former U.S. Army Major Ralph Northam “weak on our GREAT VETS.”  In response, former U.S. Marine and DNC Deputy Press Secretary Brian Gabriel released the following statement:

“Fortunately for his well-being, the President is no longer plagued by the nasty case of bone spurs that once kept him from answering the call of duty. However, it’s absolutely laughable that Trump would attempt to lie about the credentials of a veteran who still serves those who served.

“Ralph Northam spent almost a decade on active duty and learned the meaning of sacrifice and service—values he still employs today. Under his leadership, Virginia has doubled the number of employed veterans and supported efforts to end veteran homelessness. 

“Trump won’t be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the veterans community with his irresponsible rhetoric. Ralph has a proven track record on Virginia’s veterans issues and is the obvious choice to keep building on this already strong foundation.”