DNC Responds to Ed Gillespie’s Proud History of Lobbying Against Virginia Families

At last night’s final Virginia governor’s race debate, Ralph Northam highlighted Ed Gillespie’s history of only showing up for his K Street lobbying clients, which Gillespie confirmed when he said, “I did show up for my clients, and was effective on their behalf.” DNC spokesperson Elizabeth Renda issued the following statement in response: 

“After last night’s debate, it’s clearer than ever that Ed Gillespie isn’t running for governor to fight for Virginia’s families. He is running to continue his long career as a D.C. lobbyist and angling for his biggest promotion yet – serving as Donald Trump’s top lobbyist in Virginia. Gillespie admitted that he is proud of his career lobbying for companies like Enron, private student loan lenders, Wall Street banks, and climate change deniers at the expense of Virginia’s hard-working families. Virginians deserve a governor who shows up for them, not someone who wants a profit at any cost. As an Army doctor, a pediatric neurologist, and a public servant, Ralph Northam has dedicated his entire life to the service of others, and as the state’s governor, Virginians will never have to question where his allegiance truly lies.”