DNC Responds to Steve Bannon’s Calls for Corey Stewart to Endorse Ed Gillespie

According to the Washington Post, Steve Bannon is urging Corey Stewart to endorse Ed Gillespie. DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh issued the following statement in response:  

“Ed Gillespie has officially earned himself a place in the extremist right. After following in Donald Trump’s footsteps and running a campaign based on race-baiting and fearmongering, he’s managed to catch the eye of Steve Bannon, who is urging his far-right friends to join him in endorsing Gillespie. Thanks to Bannon, Gillespie is now set to receive an endorsement from Corey Stewart, who is one of the most xenophobic and extremist politicians Virginia has seen in recent memory. If Virginians needed any further proof that Gillespie is too extreme for the Commonwealth, this is it. In accepting the Bannon-Stewart endorsement, Ed Gillespie is fully accepting the bigotry for which they stand and is making a mockery of his own campaign slogan – instead of standing for all Virginians, he’s kowtowing to an agenda that puts extremism over any real solutions for Virginia’s families.”