DNC Responds to Trump Calling State of New Hampshire ‘Drug-Infested Den’

In his first phone call with the president of Mexico, Donald Trump insulted and disparaged the state of New Hampshire saying, “I won New Hampshire because New Hampshire is a drug-infested den.” In response, DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s latest comments calling the state of New Hampshire a ‘drug infested den’ are nothing short of disgusting and make clear that he looks at the opioid epidemic as a political advantage, rather than a national crisis that demands the attention and care of our president. Perhaps instead of insulting the men and women battling these life threatening addictions, Donald Trump should focus on actually developing policies that will help Americans overcome this epidemic. Trump’s disparaging comments to a foreign leader are deeply beneath the decency and dignity of the office of the president. Granite Staters are still waiting for Trump to deliver on his promises to address the opioid crisis, and they will not forget the president’s words about their home.”