DNC Responds to Trump’s Extended New Jersey Vacation

Today, Donald Trump leaves the White House for a lengthy, 17-day vacation at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. The so-called “working vacation” will mean that by the end of his trip, Trump will have spent one-third of his time as president at one of his own properties. DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement in response:

“After repeatedly attacking President Obama for taking vacations, demanding that Senators stay in D.C. to work on the failed health care repeal bill, and consistently claiming that he was ‘not going to have time to go play golf’ during his campaign, Donald Trump is naturally headed out of town for an extended vacation at his golf course in New Jersey.  Trump’s vacation will cost New Jersey tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, while Trump relaxes at his resort and plays putt-putt, instead of getting to work and focusing on the pressing issues facing the county. At the end of his trip, Trump would have spent three times as many days on vacation as President Obama had at this point in his presidency and played at least 33 rounds of golf. With a 17-day vacation in the state, it’s almost like Trump is trying to make up for all the time Chris Christie spent neglecting New Jersey.”