DNC Slams Donald Trump Before He Takes The Stage At CPAC

“Let’s not forget – Donald Trump takes the stage tonight days after he praised Vladimir Putin as ‘smart’ and a ‘genius’ as Putin launches his unprovoked war on the Ukrainian people,” said DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa. “Trump’s love for his favorite dictator has permeated through his party as most Republicans failed to condemn Putin from the CPAC stage. No matter what Trump says, Americans know Trump as a Putin puppet who repeatedly sided with the authoritarian over America and our allies, and the Republican Party enabled him every step of the way.”

Though it’s been nearly 72 hours since Russia began its unlawful invasion of Ukraine, the defeated former president has yet to condemn Putin’s actions. 

CBS News: “All of the living former U.S. presidents, with the exception of former President Trump, have issued formal statements condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.” 

CBS News: “As Russia began its full-scale invasion later Wednesday, Trump told Fox News that ‘This all happened because of a rigged election.’ At a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser Wednesday evening, he continued his praise of Putin, calling him ‘pretty smart’ in ‘taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions.’”

In fact, while Ukrainian civilians endure Russian bombs and missiles, Trump’s only response has been to offer effusive praise for Putin, who he described as “savvy,” and a “genius.”

New York Times: “Trump, again cozying up to Putin, praises Russian aggression as ‘genius.’”

Washington Post: “‘Genius,’ ‘Savvy’: Trump reacts to Putin’s moves on Ukraine exactly as you’d expect”

NBC News: “‘I said, How smart is that? And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. … We could use that on our southern border,’ the former president said, describing Putin as ‘a guy who’s very savvy’ and whom he knows ‘very, very well.’”

But honestly, we’re not surprised. Donald Trump spent his presidency selling out Ukraine, our allies across the globe, and his own intelligence agencies to enable Putin and advance his personal political agenda.

ABC News: “Donald Trump said that the people of Russia-annexed Crimea appear to want to remain under Russia’s control –- and that a President Trump would ‘look at’ whether the U.S. would recognize Russian control of the territory”

New York Times: “Once elected, Mr. Trump broke with decades of American precedent and repeatedly showed unusual deference toward Russia and expressed admiration for Mr. Putin, among other strongman leaders.”

CNN: “Trump sides with Putin over US intelligence”

Washington Post: “Trump ordered hold on military aid days before calling Ukrainian president, officials say”