DNC Slams Tim Scott As He Heads To Iowa

As Tim Scott heads to Cedar Rapids, Iowa tomorrowDNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“Tim Scott has spent his entire career prioritizing the wealthy and well-connected while advocating for policies that would leave Iowa’s seniors and working families behind. For over a decade, Scott has been a champion for substantial cuts to Medicare and Social Security and has repeatedly sided with corporations to undermine unions. Scott’s chief accomplishment as a senator has been giving billions in tax giveaways to corporations and the ultra wealthy, which Republicans now want to make permanent and would only leave Iowa small business and farmers further behind. Iowans simply cannot afford Tim Scott and Republicans’ devastating ultra-MAGA agenda.”

Tim Scott championed Trump’s tax plan, which handed massive tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthy while leaving many Iowa farmers and small businesses behind:

Iowa Starting Line: “GOP Tax Plan Hurt Farmers, Small Businesses”

Forbes: “The Republican Tax Plan’s Break For Small Business Yields Huge Benefits … For Big Business”

The Quad-City Times: “Richest Iowans benefit from proposed GOP tax plan”

Forbes: “Trump Tax Cuts Helped Billionaires Pay Less Taxes Than The Working Class”

While Republicans continue to prioritize lowering taxes for corporations and the ultra-rich, President Biden and Democrats are pushing a plan that would force billionaires to pay their fair share:  

CNBC: “President Joe Biden to propose new 20% minimum billionaire tax”

Politico: “Biden to propose new tax on the uber rich”

For years, Tim Scott has supported efforts that could gut Medicare, Social Security, and other government programs that families, seniors, and people with disabilities rely on. 

Island Packet: “Kicking off his speech by asking different sections of the audience to sing ‘Hit the Road, Jack’ to President Barack Obama, Scott voiced his support for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security reform, spending cuts and tax reform to combat the federal debt. He said he sided with Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which retools Medicare into a private insurance program with subsidies for individuals to purchase coverage. He denied it was a voucher program, calling it instead a ‘cafeteria-type plan.’ ‘We have to teach people the entitlement mentality makes you more accustomed to a socialist lifestyle,’ Scott said.”

Tim Scott in 2011: “To truly get our fiscal house in order, we need a long term strategy that reforms our entitlement programs.”

And while Democrats proudly stand with unions, Scott has criticized the “cost” of unions, and proudly touts devastating “right-to-work” laws.

Post and Courier: “Scott touts S.C.’s right-to-work status”

Post and Courier: “State Rep. Tim Scott wants South Carolina to do more to protect what he sees as the state’s biggest job recruitment tool, its right-to-work laws, from any possible federal encroachment.”

AEI: “[Tim] Scott has also taken a strong stance in support of right-to-work states.”

Washington Examiner: “Sen. Tim Scott is introducing legislation to curb union power and help workers who want to avoid unionization.”

Tim Scott in 2011: “We have to look at the productivity and the cost that unions bring to force, bring to bear on our economy.  What our corporations need is more certainty and more predictability in order to hire more folks.”