DNC, State, and Local Democratic Chairs Respond to Republican County Chairman’s Vile, Sexist Remarks

WASHINGTON – The Chairs of the Broward County Democratic Party, the Florida Democratic Party, and the Democratic National Committee released the following statements condemning the vile, sexist remarks made by Bob Sutton, the Chairman of the Broward County Republican Executive Committee:
“Mr. Sutton owes an apology to Hillary Clinton and the women of Broward County. He needs to resign. This is indicative of the open and blatant misogyny of the Republican Party in the era of Trump. There is no excuse for his behavior, and the outright contempt his comments have shown for women.”
– Broward County Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Busch
“Without question, Mr. Sutton must apologize and resign immediately. Furthermore, Florida GOP Chairman Blaise Ingoglia must end his stunning silence and condemn this obscene rhetoric. To say that these vile, sexist comments have no place in our politics would be a profound understatement.” 
– Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant
“While Republican Party leaders have long pushed policies that deny women their rights, Donald Trump’s ugly, misogynistic and divisive rhetoric is now giving the GOP permission to be derogatory and hateful. The comments today from this local Republican county chairman reveal how deeply sexism and chauvinism is embedded in the Republican Party. Comments like these are insulting to all women regardless of political party and have no place in our nation’s discourse. I call on my counterpart at the RNC to join me in condemning the use of any language that seeks to belittle and degrade women. Hopefully we can at least agree on that.”  
– Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz