DNC Statement Ahead of Mike Pompeo’s Trip to South Carolina

Ahead of Mike Pompeo’s appearance at the Faith and Freedom BBQ in Anderson, South Carolina, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“As South Carolina Republicans debate how much further they will go to try to ban reproductive freedom in the state, Mike Pompeo’s trip to Anderson is the perfect opportunity for him to answer for his support for banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. Pompeo’s appearance today is a reminder of just how extreme the Republican Party’s anti-choice agenda is.” 

Pompeo supports abortion bans with no exceptions, including for rape or incest.

AP: “U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo said he believes abortions should be allowed only when necessary to save the life of the mother, while his Democratic challenger Robert Tillman vows to back abortion rights. Pompeo, who was swept into office in the November 2010 conservative tide that took the House, told The Associated Press that he would not support any other exception that would permit abortions, even in cases where the mother had been raped.”

Pompeo openly praised Vladimir Putin as “very capable” and “talented” as he prepared to launch his unprovoked war on Ukraine.

The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis: “#Russia’s state TV is proudly showing off Mike Pompeo’s recent commentary, where he said about Putin: ‘Very shrewd. Very capable. I have enormous respect for him.’”

The Independent: “Mike Pompeo dodges questions on his praise for Putin as ‘talented’ and ‘savvy’”

MSNBC: “It’s not just Trump: Mike Pompeo also offered praise for Putin”

Newsweek: “Trump’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also repeatedly praised Putin in the runup to the invasion. His praise has even been rebroadcast on Russian television.”

As Trump’s secretary of state, Pompeo peddled debunked conspiracy theories, enabled Trump as he cozied up to Putin, and used the State Department to pursue Trump’s political goals.

The New York Times: “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has for months deflected questions about whether the Trump administration demanded political favors from Ukraine in exchange for military aid. He has refused to explain why he recalled the American ambassador, declared that it was ‘inappropriate’ for his diplomats to testify before Congress and declined to hand over documents to impeachment investigators.”