DNC Statement Ahead of Trump’s Closing Rallies

DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement ahead of Donald Trump’s rallies in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio:

“MAGA Republicans across the country continue to trip over themselves to prove their extreme bonafides and kiss the ring of a failed former president who lost by 7 million votes. They have an extreme agenda of gutting Social Security and Medicare, banning abortion nationwide, making prescription drugs more expensive, extending Trump’s signature tax giveaway to the ultra-wealthy, and spreading his Big Lie. And just like Trump did, they’ll pay the price at the ballot box.”

Trump has repeatedly spread baseless conspiracies about the 2020 election. Republicans are so beholden to Trump that hundreds of Republican candidates across the country are following suit.

Michigan Live: “Trump continues false stolen Michigan election claims at Warren rally”

The New York Times: “More than 370 people — a vast majority of Republicans running for these offices in November — have questioned and, at times, outright denied the results of the 2020 election despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, according to a monthslong New York Times investigation.”

Trump paved the way for Republicans’ extreme plans to ban abortion nationally and threaten to throw doctors in jail for providing reproductive health care.

The Wall Street Journal: “Former President Donald Trump, who installed a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court, heralded the court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade as the ‘biggest win for life in a generation.’ ‘It was my great honor to do so!’ Mr. Trump said of the nominees confirmed during his tenure: Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. All were all on the five-justice majority that overruled Roe.”

Vanity Fair: “Republicans Double Down on Obliterating Abortion Rights in ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda”

CNN: “McCarthy told CNN he backs legislation to codify a 15-week [national] ban on abortion, saying: ‘I’d support that.’”

And it doesn’t stop there. Trump is campaigning for Republicans, who like Trump, have backed plans that could gut Americans’ hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. 

Bloomberg Government: “Social Security and Medicare eligibility changes, spending caps, and safety-net work requirements are among the top priorities for key House Republicans who want to use next year’s debt-limit deadline to extract concessions from Democrats.”

Washington Post Opinion: “Scott’s plan would also sunset — eliminate — all federal legislation over five years, under the (risky) assumption that worthy laws would be reenacted. That could mean an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, everything else mentioned above — and potentially more.”

New York Times: “The president has already proposed cuts for some safety-net programs. [Trump’s] last budget proposal called for a total of $1.9 trillion in cost savings from mandatory safety-net programs, like Medicaid and Medicare. It also called for spending $26 billion less on Social Security programs, the federal retirement program, including a $10 billion cut to the Social Security Disability Insurance program, which provides benefits to disabled workers.”

If they take control of Congress, Republicans are so hellbent on pushing spending cuts for key programs, including Social Security and Medicare, that they are even willing to threaten to crash the economy to get it done.

Washington Post: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that if Republicans win control of the House the GOP will use raising the debt limit as leverage to force spending cuts — which could include cuts to Medicare and Social Security — and limit additional funding to Ukraine.”

Republicans also want to increase prescription drug prices for millions of Americans by repealing key pieces of Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act.

Axios: “House GOP eyes repeal of Dems’ drug pricing law”

Rep. Carter: “With the prescription drug pricing, that’s something I’m very interested in as a pharmacist. And I’ve been asking my colleagues ‘how are we going to undo that when we get into the majority?’”

And instead of focusing on helping middle-class families, Republicans have also said they want to extend Trump’s tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy.

The Washington Post: “GOP wants to push to extend Trump tax cuts after midterm elections”

New York Times: “[W]hile Republicans insist they will be better stewards of the economy, few economists on either end of the ideological spectrum expect the party’s proposals to meaningfully reduce inflation… Instead, many say some of what Republicans are proposing — including tax cuts for high earners and businesses — could actually make price pressures worse by pumping more money into the economy.”

The American people cannot afford this extreme agenda and MAGA Republicans in Congress who will do Trump’s bidding. A GOP majority would be disastrous for the economy and the country.