DNC Statement as 2024 Republicans Speak At A New Hampshire Cattle Call 

As 2024 MAGA extremists head to New Hampshire for their latest cattle call at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit, DNC spokesperson Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: 

“With the world looking to the United States for strong, steady leadership after the tragic attack on our great ally Israel, 2024 Republicans can’t hide from their shameful records of peddling a dangerous, MAGA foreign policy agenda that undermines our national security. No matter what lies come from these candidates today, we know where they stand: Trump and MAGA Republicans have undermined America’s allies before and they’ll do it again.”

As Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley defended Trump’s reckless foreign policy agenda on the world stage. Haley has also railed against President Biden’s historic legislation that has strengthened American competition against the Chinese Communist Party. 

Politico: “In a round of interviews in recent days, Haley consistently defended the president, calling impeachment ‘the most serious thing you can do to a president,’ and maintaining that Trump said nothing inappropriate in a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which the president pushed for an investigation into political opponent Joe Biden.”

New York Times: “In the past week, Ms. Haley has made it increasingly clear that she has no intention of being sidelined. To the contrary, as diplomats at the United Nations saw it, she managed to elbow herself into a leading, outspoken role in the Trump administration.”

Fox News: “Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is opposing a major bipartisan bill aimed at boosting the U.S. semiconductor industry, arguing that the way to beat China is through innovation — and not via ‘corporate handouts.’”

Scott praised Trump’s disastrous foreign policy agenda, has been a hypocrite when it comes to being tough on China, and missed a vote on a bill that provides security funding to Israel because he cared more about being on the presidential campaign trail. 

Politico: “President Donald Trump’s handling of foreign policy is ‘so far, so good,’ Sen. Tim Scott said on Fox News Thursday.”

Politico: “Sen. Tim Scott — like every Republican presidential candidate — loves to talk tough on China. His record in Washington tells a different story. Since taking the top Republican slot on the powerful Senate Banking Committee this year, the South Carolina lawmaker has been one of the biggest roadblocks to new rules restricting U.S.-China trade — everything from TikTok bans to reviews of high-tech investment.

GOP national security hawks in Washington say that work doesn’t match the rhetoric in Scott’s recent presidential campaign ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, where the long-shot candidate slams ‘Joe Biden’s weakness’ and promises to ‘keep China out of our homeland, and out of our data.’

USA Today: “South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott missed a crucial vote Thursday evening on passing the National Defense Authorization Act because he was campaigning for president in Iowa.”

DeSantis voted against a number of spending bills that included defense aid for Israel while in Congress. Now, he’s cheering on Tuberville’s monthslong military blockade that’s undermining our military readiness. 

H. R. 3547: “DeSantis – NAY”

H. R. 2029: “DeSantis – NAY”

H. R. 1625: “DeSantis – NAY”

Politico: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis backed Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s months-long blockade on military nominations on Thursday, saying that the Pentagon’s abortion policy would ‘go out the window’ if he wins the presidency.”

Ramaswamy has called to end U.S. aid to Israel, and has said Israel shouldn’t get more aid than its neighbors. 

Washington Free Beacon: “The 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur and self-proclaimed political ‘outsider,’ has raised eyebrows for his shifting positions on U.S. military aid to Israel, which he now says he wants to cut off in 2028.”

Jerusalem Post: “In an interview on Rumble, a platform popular with far-right viewers, Ramaswamy said Israel should not get more aid than its Middle Eastern neighbors after 2028, the year that the current US aid package of $38 billion expires.”

Pence supported Trump’s unhinged foreign policy agenda that undermined our allies including Israel, and he’s also repeatedly encouraged Tuberville’s ridiculous monthslong blockade of hundreds of crucial military nominations. 

Vox: “Netanyahu didn’t openly criticize the president’s decision, but members of his staff were quick to voice their misgivings — Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon called Trump’s decision ‘not good for us,’ and Education Minister Naftali Bennett told Reuters that he’s concerned about Iran’s growing reach in Syria. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak also weighed in, tweeting that ‘Trump is deserting Syria and the Iranians are celebrating.’”

Politico: “Pence’s office has ignored repeated requests for comment in the wake of President Donald Trump’s explosive comments on Thursday deriding Haiti and African nations as ‘s–hole countries’ and saying the United States should increase immigration to the U.S. from countries like Norway.”

CNN: “Pence defends Trump over Ukraine call, contradicting his 2016 comments on foreign interference”

Fox News: “Pence says he ‘commends’ senator’s blocking of military nominations in response to Pentagon’s abortion policy”