DNC Statement on AAPI Candidate Victories Across The Country

Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Grace Meng and Democratic National Committee AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong Hong released the following statement on the many victories for Asian American and Pacific Islander Candidates across the country:

“Last night we saw the victorious election of Asian American and Pacific Islander candidates – many of them running for the first time – in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, and across America. The DNC knows that AAPIs are one of the fastest-growing communities in the country and last night their vote made all the difference. Investing in AAPI communities was crucial to November 7th’s tide-turning victories.”

“In Virginia, 100 percent of our investments went into doubling the number of organizers, putting boots in the ground, and upping our game in data and technology.  Since last summer, we’ve been committed to spending on a mail program that targets AAPI communities. AAPIs showed up – in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington and elsewhere and voted for leaders who will create new jobs, grow the economy, improve our schools, and ensure health care is a right for all Americans. They elected leaders like Virginia Delegate-Elect Kathy Tran, New Jersey State Senator-Elect Vin Gopal, and Washington State Senator-Elect Manka Dhingra, whose victory flipped control of the Washington state Senate to Democratic control, giving Democrats control of both legislative chambers and the governorship. Far and wide, the American people rejected a Trump-Pence agenda that would have only fueled division and bigotry.”

“Yesterday’s success is just the beginning. In 2018, and beyond the AAPI community is going to be crucial to victories in swing states and key races. The new DNC believes that every zip code counts, and we will organize 365 days a year around candidates who are reflective of our diverse nation and share our values of inclusion, justice, and opportunity. That’s how we will keep winning elections from the school board to the Oval Office.”