`DNC Statement on Affordable Care Act

WASHINGTON –  DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile issued the following statement:

“Trump’s latest claim that the Affordable Care Act is ‘blowing up’ is as unfounded as his claim that he’s ‘winning the election.’ The fact is: 20 million Americans have coverage under the ACA who wouldn’t otherwise, and the national uninsured rate is at its lowest in our nation’s history. It’s true that some premiums for midlevel health plans on the federal exchange could rise in the future, but it’s also true that for most Americans on those plans, their ACA subsidies will rise to keep the plans affordable.

“Here’s another fact: Republican lawmakers have voted more than 60 times to repeal or defund the ACA without a plan to replace it. Trump has been beating the same tired drum – threatening to take away the healthcare of 20 million Americans, claiming he’ll replace it with ‘something terrific.’ That’s not a plan – that’s hardly even a slogan. And it’s the same kind of reckless, deceitful posturing we’ve seen from Trump since the start of his campaign.

“Democrats believe that access to affordable healthcare is a right, and not a privilege, and Hillary Clinton wants to work with the new Congress to build on the extraordinary successes of the ACA. She’s working to reach the goal of universal coverage, rein in costs, and make prescription drugs more affordable while expanding Medicaid in all 50 states. That’s the sort of leadership the American people deserve in the White House.”