DNC Statement on Arizona GOP’s “Audit” Report

Ahead of the Arizona state Senate’s release of its “audit” report reviewing the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, DNC spokesperson Ryan Thomas released the following statement:

“This baseless ‘audit’ has been a massive waste of taxpayer money and a dangerous attempt by extremist Republicans to undermine our democracy.

“In the ten months the Arizona GOP has spent relitigating an election they know President Joe Biden won fairly and spreading dangerous misinformation about the security of our elections as a ruse to restrict voting rights across the country, Democrats have cut taxes for working families, created millions of jobs, and delivered relief to small businesses. Arizona Republicans — not to mention their copycats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states — have been beholden to Donald Trump’s unhinged conspiracy theories that incited a mob to attack the Capitol and law enforcement. Every Republican peddling election misinformation will have to explain to their constituents why they spent their time undermining democracy on behalf of Donald Trump instead of delivering for their constituents.”