DNC Statement On Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Immigration Speech In San Diego, California

In advance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Immigration Speech in San Diego, DNC Spokesperson Vedant Patel released the following statement: 



“The Trump-Sessions immigration agenda is an affront to our values as a nation. This administration is set on tearing families apart, detaining immigrants without justification, leaving U.S.-born children without their parents, and stoking fear in immigrant communities, all while siphoning off taxpayer dollars to fund a divisive and ineffective wall. Attorney General Sessions continues to abuse his authority to expedite removals and deprive detained immigrants of legal counseling and due process, which further highlights this administration's hostility towards immigrant communities. Democrats know the importance of our country’s history as a nation of immigrants. We believe all people who come to the United States should be treated with dignity and respect, and we always seek to embrace — not to attack — immigrants.”