DNC Statement on Black Maternal Health Week

In observance of Black Maternal Health Week 2024, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie M. Rollins, and DNC Women’s Caucus Chair Lottie Shackelford released the following statement:

“Black women should not have to fight to receive quality care or live in fear for their lives before, during, or after their pregnancy. President Biden and Vice President Harris recognize the disparities Black mothers face and are tackling them head-on by securing historic investments in maternal health care. Since taking office, this administration has launched a Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis, encouraged states to expand postpartum coverage through Medicaid from 60 days to a year, and strengthened the Affordable Care Act, which requires insurers to cover pregnancy care, childbirth, and newborn care. 

“Meanwhile, Donald Trump was one vote away from repealing the Affordable Care Act; sabotaged Medicaid, which covers about 65 percent of births for Black mothers; and reduced access to reproductive health care for 2.5 million patients. Trump brags about being the catalyst that overturned Roe v. Wade — a decision that disproportionately affects Black women — and he’s already promising to go further in his second term. If Trump is reelected, he has plans that would make the Black maternal health crisis worse by gutting Medicaid, banning abortion nationwide with or without Congress’ approval, and killing the ACA – which would rip away health care coverage from over 3 million Black Americans. The stakes could not be higher this election — only one candidate is fighting to give Black mothers the dignity and care they deserve, and that’s President Joe Biden.”