DNC Statement on Bridgegate Verdict

WASHINGTON- Today, DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach released the following statement:

“Today’s verdict confirms that top staff to Chris Christie led a scheme that put people’s lives in danger for the Governor’s personal political retribution. During the trial, both the defense and the prosecution claimed Christie himself knew about the lane closures when they were happening, so this is clearly not the end of the road for exposing more of Governor Christie’s involvement. Even Christie’s boss Donald Trump said that Christie knew about the plot.

“How can Trump trust Christie’s judgement to hire the key staff for his administration if four of his top aides have been found guilty of federal crimes? Governor Christie needs to immediately step down as Trump’s transition chair and cancel his remaining appearances on behalf of the Trump Campaign. The fact that Christie’s name is frequently floated as a potential Attorney General in a Trump administration should tell you all you need to know about Trump’s tolerance for unethical behavior. By continuing to employ and stand by Governor Christie, Donald Trump’s promises to ‘drain the swamp’ ring hollow.”