DNC Statement on Chris Sununu’s Endorsement of Donald Trump

In response to New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu’s endorsement of Donald Trump after repeatedly attacking the future “four-time loser,” DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Chris Sununu said it himself: Donald Trump is a crazy a**hole and a soon-to-be four-time loser who can’t beat President Biden. Sununu called Trump a coward and the definition of extremism who can barely keep a cogent thought. And above all else, Sununu was right about one thing: Trump will lead to Republican losses up and down the ballot in November.”

Here’s what Chris Sununu really thinks about Donald Trump:

Politico: “Trump wouldn’t beat Biden, Sununu says”

Politico: “‘Assholes come and go’: Trump isn’t the future, Sununu says”

Sununu: “He did not deliver on his promises to drain the swamp, secure the border and instill fiscal responsibility while in office — and added $8 trillion to our national debt — yet now he wants four more years. He is facing numerous investigations and continues to peddle the conspiracy theory that he won the 2020 election, repelling independents.

“If he is the nominee, Republicans will lose again. Just as we did in 2018, 2020 and 2022. This is indisputable.”

Sununu: “Donald Trump is positioning himself to be a four-time loser in 2024.”

Sununu: “He’s f*cking crazy! … The press often will ask me if I think Donald Trump is crazy. And I’ll say it this way: I don’t think he’s so crazy that you could put him in a mental institution. But I think if he were in one, he ain’t getting out!”

NBC News: “GOP will lose ‘up and down the ballot’ with Trump, New Hampshire governor warns”

Sununu: “At the end of the day, November of 22 showed us that, right? Trump is going to be seen as a very extreme candidate. The country is going to push back against it.”

The Hill: “Sununu says Trump has ‘no energy’: ‘He can barely read a teleprompter’”

Business Insider: “GOP Gov. Sununu slams Trump, saying he ‘doesn’t have the energy’ and is ‘droning on for 90 minutes’ during events”

The Hill: “Sununu rips Scott after Trump endorsement: ‘Nobody’ thinks he will unite the country”

Sununu: “He’s not strong. He’s scared to be called on his record. … He won’t do any of the things you need to do to connect with voters. It’s the sign of the times for Donald Trump. The beginning of the end.”

The Hill: “Sununu on Trump mixing up Pelosi, Haley: ‘This guy has lost the fastball’”

The Hill: “Sununu mocks Trump’s approval ratings, social media conduct”