DNC Statement on Cruz in Iowa and Kansas

As Ted Cruz begins a campaign swing with KS-03 GOP nominee Amanda Adkins and Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Iowa, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement: 

“As Ted Cruz begins his swing through the midwest to campaign alongside candidates like Ashley Hinson and Amanda Adkins, voters deserve to know that these politicians are pushing an extreme agenda that would rip away a woman’s freedom to make decisions about her own body.” 

Cruz views the repeal of Roe v. Wade as a “massive victory” and supports banning abortion, even in the case of rape. 

  • MSNBC: “Cruz makes his case against an abortion rape exception.”

In Kansas, Adkins said she “100 percent” planned to vote yes on Kansas’ constitutional amendment that would have open the door for state lawmakers to pursue a total ban on abortion. 

In Iowa, Hinson has come out in support of a national abortion ban. She also threw her support behind another abortion ban bill which could threaten access to IVF and some forms of contraception and could throw doctors who provide abortion services in jail.