DNC Statement on Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

In celebration of Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Native Caucus Chair Clara Pratte released the following statement: 

“On Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, we celebrate the enduring legacy of a fearless leader who championed Indigenous rights and social justice. Elizabeth Peratrovich’s groundbreaking work, including her instrumental role in passing the country’s first anti-discrimination law in 1945, paved the way for progress and equality. She was also an active voice in the fight for voting rights, ensuring that Indigenous voices across Tribal communities are heard and respected in the democratic process. 

“As our freedoms and rights are threatened by extremists, we look to Elizabeth’s trailblazing legacy for inspiration and as a reminder that we must never be afraid to fight on behalf of all our communities. Today and every day, we honor Elizabeth Peratrovich’s contributions and recommit ourselves to advancing Indigenous rights, combatting discrimination, and upholding the principles of equality and justice for all.”