DNC Statement on Filipino American History Month

As Filipino American History Month continues, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong released the following statement:

“Thanks to the efforts of the Filipino American National Historical Society, each year in October since 2009 we celebrate the history and immense contributions of Filipino Americans to the United States. From the agricultural workers in Hawaii and California, and the cannery workers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest who organized for fair and equal wages, to the Filipino soldiers in World War II who fought alongside American troops to protect our shared ideals of liberty and freedom, the sacrifices Filipino Americans have made helped advance permanent change and our country’s growth. Our shared history makes clear that Filipino Americans are an integral part of the fabric of America.

“This year, we offer our gratitude to the thousands of Filipino American frontline workers who have carried our country through this pandemic at great personal risk and with great courage. This strength and dedication to the common good exemplify what it means to be American. This Filipino American History month and beyond, we will honor these heroes and the legacies of Filipino Americans who make our country strong.”