DNC Statement on Kevin McCarthy Defending Paul Gosar

Today, the House voted to hold Congressman Paul Gosar accountable after he posted a disgusting video depicting him threatening the life of the current president and one of his colleagues. Unsurprisingly, GOP leadership rallied the overwhelming majority of their caucus to protect Gosar. DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel released the following statement:

“When it comes to the Republican Party’s values, Kevin McCarthy has set the bar on the floor. While calling out Donald Trump’s Big Lie and extremism gets you a ban from party leadership, threatening the life of the sitting president and his colleagues, and coddling white supremacists will earn you the support of the Republican House leader. No amount of half-baked excuses make up for the threat of violence and egregious judgment displayed by Paul Gosar. Today’s vote only further confirms the chokehold Donald Trump and his extremism have on today’s Republican Party, as Kevin McCarthy’s puppet strings keep getting shorter.”