DNC Statement on Latina Equal Pay Day

In observance of Latina Equal Pay Day, a day to raise awareness of the pay inequality that affects Latinas and their families across the United States, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez released the following statement:

“Latinas are a crucial force in our nation’s culture and economy. Yet, on average, Latinas only earned 57 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men earned in 2020, forcing them to work an additional ten months to close the pay gap.

“This inequity cannot continue. From the American Rescue Plan to the Build Back Better agenda, Democrats and President Joe Biden’s administration are committed to addressing the obstacles that keep Latinas from holding equitable space in the American economy. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, the expanded Child Tax Credit is providing relief for many Latinas and their families, and we’re committed to building upon its progress to ensure that our economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic helps bridge this pay gap.

“On this Latina Equal Pay Day, we recommit ourselves to the work necessary to achieve pay equity and recognize the invaluable role Latinx women hold in our economy, communities, and country.”