DNC Statement on MAGA Republicans’ Latest Extreme Budget

In response to the Republican Study Committee, which represents a majority of House Republicans, releasing its latest extreme MAGA budget, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“The Republican Study Committee’s budget is just the latest reminder of how wildly extreme and out of touch the MAGA Republican Party is. If enacted it would simply decimate hardworking families while lining the pockets of the ultra wealthy and biggest corporations – a rerun of the same failed, trickle-down policies from the Republican Party. While President Biden is delivering lower health care costs and prescription drug costs, the MAGA Republicans want to repeal Medicare’s ability to negotiate lower prescription drug costs. President Biden is fighting to protect Medicare, but MAGA Republicans want to take steps toward ending Medicare as we know it. And MAGA Republicans don’t want to stop there – they want to take America backward from the progress made thanks to President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act – halting a manufacturing boom and sending jobs back overseas – all to benefit their special interest backers.

And not to be outdone by their extreme Republican colleagues in the states, MAGA Republicans want to pass extreme abortion bans, and even legislation that could pave the way for banning forms of birth control.  

Let’s be clear: MAGA Republicans’ newest budget is too extreme for America’s hardworking families.”