DNC Statement on Marilyn Lands’ Victory in Special Election for Alabama’s 10th State House District

In response to Marilyn Lands’ victory in Alabama’s 10th State House District special election, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement: 

“Today’s election — one of the first since the devastating decision by the Alabama Supreme Court that stopped IVF care — was a referendum on MAGA Republicans’ out-of-touch extremism on reproductive rights. Marilyn Lands’ victory demonstrates that voters aren’t going to sit idly by while MAGA Republicans lay the groundwork for a national abortion ban. 

“In state after state, year after year, and election after election, voters are showing up and turning out to vote against Donald Trump and his cronies’ dangerous and unpopular agenda to attack reproductive health care, including abortion and even contraception and IVF. On the same day that the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in another MAGA-driven case seeking to rip away access to safe, effective medication abortion from women all across the country, this win reinforces that the American people stand on the side of more freedoms, not fewer. 

“Voters in Alabama and across the country know that reproductive freedom is on the ballot, and that only Democrats – led by President Biden and Vice President Harris – will protect a woman’s right to choose.”