DNC Statement on Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaking at a White Nationalist Conference

After Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at a white nationalist conference, following a year full of anti-Semitic and violent comments from her, DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“Does Marjorie Taylor Greene know no shame? We know the answer is no, but what about Kevin McCarthy? Time and time again he has shown he will do anything for power – even if it means elevating the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene. In any other world, Greene speaking at a white supremacist conference where attendees have defended Vladimir Putin and praised Adolf Hitler would warrant expulsion from the caucus, to say nothing of her advocacy for violence and consistent anti-Semitism is disgusting. Quite simply, the longer Kevin McCarthy gives Marjorie Taylor Greene an unfettered platform and promises to elevate her – the more complicit he is.”