DNC Statement on Memorial Day 

In observance of Memorial Day, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Veterans and Military Families Council Co-Chairs Terron Sims, II and Sue Hoppin released the following statement:

“Today and every day, we honor those who have sacrificed everything for our safety and freedom and express our profound gratitude for their bravery and selflessness. While no words will ever be strong enough to repay America’s sons and daughters who have given their lives for our nation, we honor their memory by dedicating ourselves to supporting their families and loved ones.

“The Biden-Harris administration is fully committed to uplifting and strengthening protections for our veterans. Through President Biden’s leadership, the administration has taken historic steps to better care for the men and women who bravely serve our country. In 2023, the Department of Veterans Affairs delivered an unprecedented $163 billion in earned benefits, and the administration continues to fight to lower health care costs, reduce veteran homelessness, and strengthen economic security for military and veteran spouses. President Biden also signed the historic PACT Act into law, enacting the most significant expansion of benefits for toxic exposed veterans in more than 30 years.

“These initiatives are more than policies — they are a clear expression of our steadfast commitment to our veterans. While we have accomplished so much to improve our veterans’ quality of life, we remain dedicated to expanding support and access to benefits for veterans and their families, ensuring they receive the dignity and care they deserve.”