DNC Statement on Michigan Proposal to Cut Access to Medicaid

NC spokesperson Mandy McClure released the following statement after Michigan Republicans passed a bill that will impose Medicaid work requirements, putting access to health care for hundreds of thousands of  Michiganders at risk:


“Simply put, this bill is inhumane. Governor Rick Snyder and his fellow Republicans continue to make it harder, not easier, for Michiganders to access health care. Not only will this bill make it more difficult for Michiganders with lower-incomes or disabilities to get the care they need, it also jeopardizes health coverage for more than 660,000 previously uninsured Michiganders through a trigger that could end Medicaid expansion within the next year. And it will likely cost more money to administer than it saves by kicking people off health care.


“This is nothing but yet another excuse for Republicans to try to kick people off of their health insurance. Health care is a right, not a privilege, and while Republicans work to penalize unemployed Americans, Democrats will continue fighting to expand access to care and help people find good-paying jobs.”