DNC Statement on National Coming Out Day

In celebration of the courage and strength of the LGBTQ community, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes released the following statement on National Coming Out Day.

“National Coming Out Day serves as a reminder of the importance, courage and strength that living authentically can require. As we recognize this critically important day, we must also remember those who have not yet come out and provide them with the support they need to live bravely, boldly and openly. In a world where LGBTQ people, particularly transgender and gender non-conforming people, live in fear of violence or discrimination, we must also reaffirm our dedication to creating a world where LGBTQ people feel safe and valued, not negatively targeted because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

“From his first day in office, President Joe Biden has prioritized protecting the LGBTQ community and affirming the rights and protections the community deserves. From implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling and providing dozens of critical protections to LGBTQ people, to reversing the transgender military ban and restoring health care protections for LGBTQ people, the Biden administration has already been hailed by advocates as the most pro-equality administration in history. Together, alongside our Democratic majorities in Congress, we will continue to ensure that LGBTQ individuals feel protected, seen, and free to live their authentic selves.”